As you know if you follow this blog, I undertook to make you follow my wanderings apprentice tattooist.

I launched this blog ” Tattooistan ” ( A place for Tattooists) with the intention of helping people who feel talented to learn the job of tattoo artist or improve their beginner technique.

This job is difficult, the profession is not recognized, does not really meet the expectations of those who would like to embark on this profession. There is no status of the tattoo artist. Some fight for the recognition of the trade as “craftsmen”, others as “artist” in its own right. With some new thoughts. . . 5.5% VAT of 20% is one example.

I will, therefore, address here the entire technique of tattooing as I have learned and which is generally accepted. To avoid any misunderstanding, I would like to tell you that I could not make you a talented artist if you do not have an innate gift in the field of drawing.

Your drawing skills are therefore a prerequisite to approach and learn the tattoo. If you have a certain talent, you can acquire the technique of tattooing. The equipment of the tattoo artist is only the means at your disposal to achieve it, just as a painter uses brushes with oil paint or acrylic.

I will begin this theoretical training at the beginner level and finish with the realism color, the style that I have chosen and adopted.

The road is long for any tattooist apprentice. I realized that it was difficult to easily answer the various technical questions that are problematic for beginner tattooers. And, to make things worse, the majority of the true holders of knowledge jealously guard their techniques. Afraid of future competition? Or lack of time to deal with apprentice tattoo artists?

Follow this blog if you are an artist.